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TEGO’s Legacy

In 2010, inspired by the growing number of brave men returning home safely because of a vest engineered
by TEGO, TEGO TEXI TECTUM streamlined its concepts and technology into 6 unique brands:




Our goal has been to provide security for our clients at every given situation and our new brands give us this capability






These brands were created to focus designs and technology on specific security demands ranging
from those of ployed soldiers to police officers.

Please, refer to the TEGO TEXI TECTUM Catalogue for brand details.


Design & Development  

- Pioneering industry safety standards through researching and developing innovative technology
- Designing products of all alternatives based on variables of threat level and geographic areas of use

Technical Support



- Offering after-sales technical maintenance and support
- Providing Follow-Up programs and educational services of product maintenance

Customer Service & Financial Control

- Working with clients to determine long-term budgeting for large and small projects
Seamless execution of transaction through economies of scale to pass on savings to clients and partners
- Pre-sale and post-sale 24/7 customer service
Liaison services between purchasers, raw material suppliers, manufacturers and end users

TEGO TEXI TECTUM knew the key to providing logistic excellence was to achieve the closest
proximity to
those on the field, and so TEGO in 2010 is now positioned to utilize a growing
number of state of the art production points across the globe. With this logistical upper hand, TEGO was able to previously provide
the U.S troops in Iraq
ballistic vests and helmets specific to the region’s conditions, allowing U.S. soldiers
to step on
the field with confidence and trust in TEGO TEXI TECTUM’s legacy. The responsiveness of the
company to various requirements, while providing the widest array
of options, has been the driving force
behind global coverage.

the growing number of brave men returning home safely because of a vest
engineered by Tego.



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